Registration:  Non-refundable fee of $60 per student, per school year. ($150 family max.). Prorated if starting mid-year.

Tuition, Per Student, Fall Semester – 13 weeks:

1 class:     $117

2 classes:  $221

3 classes:  $312

4 classes:  $390

Tuition, Per Student, Spring Semester – 15 weeks:

1 class:     $135

2 classes:  $255

3 classes:  $360

4 classes:  $450

Study Hall:  Supervised study hall provided for $3/class period per student for those not supervised by own parent.  Parents must supervise their own TimberBuds students when TimberBuds is not in session; supervision is not available for this age.

Supply Fees:  To Be Announced

Record Keeping:  $30/enrolled family/year; $50/non-enrolled family/year

All prices subject to change.