Living a Book Unit Study (Grades K-5)

A weekly, unit-study based class for elementary students. Based on a Five in a Row approach, each week we will uncover some of the wonderful treasures hidden within an engaging, meaningful illustrated children’s book.  Treasures include: Geography, History, Culture, Relationships, Character Values, Science, Creativity. Taught through a variety of hands-on, experiential learning activities: Experiments, Role Playing, Games & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Projects.

This class is designed to be a multi-age, hands-on, experiential class.  The story will be a short, children’s illustrated book from a certain area/culture.  We will find the location on our own individual world maps- and place an image/sticker there. Then we will proceed to do one or two activities, ranging from science experiments, to cooking projects, to art and creative movement and role playing.  The class is a unique opportunity for multi-age students to work together- with older students being leaders and idea motivators, while younger kids will participate with their own understanding and age appropriate ideas.  The teachers have taught multi-age classes in the past, and have found them to be rewarding experiences for all involved.