Art - Group 1 (Grades 1-4)
Fall Semester:  Drawing & Water Color.  Leo the Lion in the African Savannah (inspired from the “Leo the Lion” lesson  in Drawing with Children, by Mona Brookes).  This begins as a drawing unit, but evolves into a water color unit with a completed watercolor painting of Leo the Lion in the Savannah environment.  The students need to be willing to take instruction and follow directions in a group setting.  There will be some directed drawing involved as the instructor leads the students through the steps of drawing the lion, the watering hold and Acacia trees.  Students will learn to distinguish foreground, middle ground, and back ground and will gain understanding of some basic concepts of linear and atmospheric perspective.

Spring Semester:  Print Making.  Students will be introduced to the additive process of plate making.  They will be creating found object plates, cut cardboard plates, etc.  Once their plate is crafted they will hand print it by rubbing the inked plate to transfer an image onto paper.  Students will print more than one image off of each plate they create.

Art - Group 2 (Grades 5-7)
Fall Semester:  Watercolor.  “How do I Create a Monochromatic Paining in Cool Tones?” Using Watercolor for the First Time by Kory Fluckinger will be the reference text for watercolor instruction this semester.  The project involves a painting of a sailboat and harbor in cool tones of blue.  Time allowing, the second lesson will be “How do I Paint Within a Masked Area?” and will involve painting of weeping birch leaves with a fall wet into wet landscape in the background.

Spring Semester:  Print Making.  Students will be introduced to the subtractive process of printing from a linocut plate.  Linoleum cuts are not as difficult to create as wood block prints the students shall print an edition of five prints off of their linoleum plate a, having to register at least two colors. 

Art - Group 3 (Grades 8-12)
Fall Semester:  Watercolor Stoplight Peppers.  This project involves learning about underpainting and overpainting warm and cool tones in a water color painting of a yellow, a red and a green pepper in a still life arrangement.  This is a complex painting experience and involves note-taking and careful color application in a sequence that is required in order to learn about more advanced watercolor techniques.  The end product is a water color of three vibrant, glowing water colored peppers and the cast shadows created by each pepper.

Spring Semester:  Printmaking.  Students will be introduced to wood block printing.  They will use a subtractive method to create at least five, three color registered prints from their woodblock plates.  The inspiration for this project is a collection of “Art and Crafts Block Prints” by William S. Rice.